Have banana, will travel

Steve Braithwaite and his Banana Car

When Steve Braithwaite takes to the road it’s always an adventure. Years ago it was a backpacking excursion through India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and on to Australia with a motorcycle. But these days the Pennsylvania-based explorer with a rich British accent tours through the states in his lovely bright yellow banana car. (Make sure you pronounce it bah-nah-nah cah!)

Banana appeal

Now we’ve seen some weird modes of transport along the highway, but this really does beat all.

Or does it? What’s the wildest vehicle you’ve seen?

When we caught up with them, it was the end of a string of Spring Break appearances for Planet Smoothie. Fresh Del Monte Produce is sponsoring his next tour later this spring.

So where do you bunk down with a banana when you travel? It turns out that to save money while travelling through the U.S. and abroad, Steve and his co-pilot sometimes stay with people they find on couchsurfing.org. But he also admitted they have a favorite hotel. According to Braithwaite “We agree that if we need to choose one hotel, it would be a Holiday Inn. They’re everywhere.”

Celebrity status

Braithwaite confessed that driving the Velos-A-Nana is a bit like traveling with a celebrity. Most people ask him to take their picture beside the unpeeled behemoth. And occasionally photographers chase down the vehicle for a shot.

“Mostly people wave or cheer as we drive bye,” notes Braithwaite.

You can learn more about Braithwaite and his world-wide adventure in his banana-mobile at BigBananaCar.com.

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