Welcome Holiday Inn Resort and Southwest Airlines!

Alberta Canada Roads

We’re thrilled to announce that two new sponsors are joining us today. Our longtime friends at Southwest Airlines are our new airline sponsors, and Holiday Inn Resort is joined by Holiday Inn Club Vacations for a second year as our hotel sponsor.

We’ve been fans of Southwest Airlines for a long time. Southwest is one of the most customer-friendly — and family-friendly — airlines in the world. We’re super-excited about the new service they’re adding with their AirTran merger, which will let us explore more destinations as a family. Plus they’ve added some new features we’re ready to try, including its movies on demand and wifi services.

Those of you who followed us last year know that we tried to visit every Holiday Inn Resort hotel in North America. We came within a few properties of pulling it off (we even made it all the way out to Hawaii). We absolutely adore the hotel chain, and the many family amenities that each property offers.

This year, our friends at InterContinental, which owns Holiday Inn Resort, offered us a new challenge: To visit the remaining Holiday Inn Resort properties, one or two in South America and the Caribbean and to check out the Holiday Inn Club Vacations properties, too. How could we say “no” to that?

Holiday Inn and Southwest are in great company. Last month, Allianz Travel Insurance joined us for season two of Away is Home. (We are fully insured now, just in case something goes wrong — thanks, guys!) Also, we’re pleased to have support from our vacation rental sponsors, the Vacation Rental Managers Association, which is providing us with long-term housing while we are away, and our car rental sponsor, Hertz.

We also wanted to thank our destination partners, who are helping us with on-the-ground logistics. You’ll be hearing a lot about them in the coming weeks. If you’re just joining us, you’ll want to rewind on our site to check out our coverage of Alberta and the Canadian Rockies.

We leave on Sunday for Colorado and California, thanks to our destination partner Vail Resorts. We’ve known Vail Resorts for a long time and are consistently impressed with the way it makes families feel right at home. And in April, we are working with Australia and Tasmania on a totally exciting trip that will blow you away.

Stay tuned. And thank you to everyone for your support.