Ghost hunting at the Fairmont Banff Springs

The Fairmont Banff Springs might look like a palace but that’s not where the comparisons end. No, just like many other castles, this one is home to a spirit or two. Or ten.

With 125 years in service, this hotel has a few spooky ghost stories to tell.

Sam the Bellhop was our favorite tale. Sam was a dedicated employee at the hotel so much so that he didn’t want to retire and would tell patrons that he loved it so much that he would probably return to the castle after his death. Years later he was forced to retire but passed away before he could pick up his last paycheck.

Then a funny thing happened. Two women were locked out of their room and called down to the front desk for help. A short while later a bellman arrived to help them but they were already in their room.

They said an elderly gentleman in an old bellmen’s uniform let them in but disappeared before they could thank him.

There were no current staff that matched this description on property.

It is said that since his death Sam McCauley has been sited helping guests into their rooms and with their luggage. Always to disappear before they could give him a tip or say thanks.

Our boys set about looking for this celebrated ghost. Unfortunately they couldn’t find him.

I guess we’ll have to look for the headless bagpiper next.

Fairmont Banff Springs