Should we visit your hometown in 2013?

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In the last year we’ve passed through 41 states, and we know we missed a lot of great stops along the way. That’s what we’re asking you for suggestions on next year’s itinerary.

The best suggestions always come from family and friends. And you know if you’ve been following our adventures, we consider our readers a little bit of both.

Why? Because just like in life the more people you invite into your travels, the richer the experience. Join our family and share a bit of yourself, too. Take a look at what happened last year.

This past summer our friends Ryan and Nikki Whaley invited us up to Sandusky, Ohio. We could see how this historic town, which is part of Lake Erie’s Shores and Islands, had changed now that the car plants were gone. Our favorite part, as usual, was the food. I can honestly say I’d never had sauerkraut on my pizza before. Of course we had to sneak in a visit to Cedar Point, too. You should have seen Iden’s face when he got off the Millennium Force roller coaster.

But best of all we took the Miller Ferry to neighboring Put-In-Bay where we visited Perry’s Victory and the International Peace Monument National Park. It was a lesson on the War of 1812 the kids will never forget!

The year before, Tamra Talmadge-Anderson found out we were driving from Florida to Montreal and suggested we take a few days pit stop in Richmond, Virginia. Our first order of business was to tour the State Capitol, but the surrounding town is so charming we ended up walking all over the place. The kids liked the Mill at Richmond National Battlefield Park, which tackles the sensitive topic of why America fought a civil war and what each side was protecting. This was extra exciting because the movie Lincoln had just started filming. Sadly we missed Tommy Lee Jones and Daniel Day Lewis.

Other places we might have missed include the Mustard Museum on the way from Chicago to the Wisconsin Dells; the best Malasada’s on Hawaii, the Big Island served at Tex Drive-In, located in Honaka’a on the way from Kona to Hilo; Texas Seafair Gumbo as served at Alice Faye’s Restaurant near our Miss Kitty’s Fishing Getaways vacation rental in Fulton, Texas; Central BBQ in Memphis, Tennessee on our way from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Atlanta, Georgia.

And there’s more. So much more.

So help us out for 2013. In the comments below tell us about your hometown. Be sure to include its name, state and three of your favorites things we shouldn’t miss.

And vote! If you think we should mix things up and add some non-traditional destinations answer yes. And maybe we’ll give you a chance to show us around your hometown.

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