In 2012, getting there was half the fun

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Behind the scenes of every trip is a nail-biting, camera-toting, key-losing, itinerary-changing, car-packing momma. That would be me. And I love it. Pulling strings and organizing things has always been my favorite role in our family travel adventure.

Each year’s journey is like a puzzle. Many of our destinations are chosen for us, or at the very least requested. It’s my job to get the family there, sometimes by car and sometimes by plane, on time and ready for anything.

Things don’t always work out.

We’ve started trips without accommodations, had last minute itinerary changes, car trouble (that’s why we’re so glad Hertz is our sponsor now!), lost keys, and left important things, like tooth brushes and favorite toys, behind. We showed up two days late at one stop, bunked down with family when dates needed to change and had to pack quick when we confused our dates and needed to check out, like, two hours ago.

You would laugh at the stories.

Even harder to predict is when we’ll get hungry or need a restroom along the way. But after our last trek to Oregon – a 31-day road trip where we only ate out three times along the way – I’ve got snack and meal packing down to a science.

It helps that we use technology to track and plan. We can catch a lot of glitches and are more agile because we do. But even better, we shout out to our friends when we need advice and suggestions.

Here’s to an adventure-filled 2013!