Where am I?

I hope you like this picture I took a few weeks ago. My dad and I had a photo competition and I was using our Canon EOS 1D Mark III. The original picture was very clear but maybe a little over-exposed so I put some filters on it in Photoshop.

Can you figure out where the picture was taken? Please leave your guess in the comments.

One of the effects I am trying to develop is different ways to make my photographs look like art. I have been playing with brushes, brightness, contrast, color curves and filters. This picture was edited using just two filters and some color adjustment.

If you want to try this affect on your own, here’s what to do:

Open your image in Photoshop. From the top menu select Filter > Brush Strokes > Spatter. Set the Spray Radius to 25 and the Smoothness to 10. Looks pretty neat.

You can move Radius and Smoothness back and forth until you get the roughness you like while still being able to identify the image. In the following step we’ll tackle visual texture. Click OK.

Next, from the top menu select Filter > Other > Minimum. Set the Radius to 6 pixels. If you want a chunky look make the radius higher. Click OK.

In the Adjustments menu select Curves. Grab a point for the input and output and move them around until you’re happy with the brightness and colors.

That’s it! If you tried this out on one of your pictures please share it with me on the AwayIsHome Facebook site or the new Family Travel community on Google+.

Here’s one more picture I did the same way. This one is of a black swan that lived behind our vacation rental in the ponds of the golf course at Ko Olina, Oahu, Hawaii.