Hawaiian Alohas

After months on the road we’re ready for a break from driving. And the whole family agreed that if we were hitting the sky we’d be flying to Hawaii. But not for the reasons you might think.

You see, this isn’t our first trip to the North Pacific island chain. The family explored The Big Island and Oahu in the fall of 2010 and Chris returned with Iden for an eventful trip to Maui a few months later. During these visits we made new friends, explored the culture and caused quite a bit of trouble.

And the trouble is what’s calling us back.

We have some apologies to deliver, some items to be returned, a birthday party to plan and a holiday to celebrate. But most important, we’ll be staying in vacation rental homes and visiting friends in the hopes of figuring out what it really means to be Hawaiian – so we can tell the fake from the real when we get home.

As the next five weeks unfold we’ll be visiting sites we’ve been to, and stopping at a few new areas to explore. Oahu’s North Shore will be our first stop, can you guess what’s top of our list and why? Come back tomorrow and find out!