@ Salt Lake City

We’re @: Salt Lake City, Utah

What’s here: The Utah State Capitol, Temple Square, the foothills of the Wasatch Range. Oh yeah, and the Great Salt Lake.

What to do: After a stop at the state capitol building we made our way down to Temple Square. It’s the geographic center of the city and headquarters for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Only practicing Mormons can enter the temple, but we were more interested in the All Family History Library. Iden found out that in 1866 there was another Iden Elliott that lived in Europe. Sadly, he was no relation as our surname, was anglicized at Ellis Island.

Didn’t they host the Olympics? Yes, back in 2002, Salt Lake City was the host of the Winter Olympics. It’s a great place for winter sports – especially skiing. Less than an hour from the city you can reach Alta, Snowbird, Solitude and Brighton. Park City is just a little farther on the other side of big Cotton Canyon.

Where to stay: We knew we’d want to spend time outside in the fall foliage so we found a mountainside cabin with Utah Vacation Homes halfway between Park City and Salt Lake City.

What to do in the mountains: There are plenty of hiking trails, spots for mountain climbing, inspiring drives and fishing. The mountains are a prominent part of the Salt Lake City lifestyle, so you’ll see parking lots crammed with cars near the hottest trails, like Donut Falls. Of course, as mentioned earlier, in the winter skiing is the thing.

What’s with the beehive? The beehive has been part of this area’s emblem since before it was a territory. In 1847 the Mormons, lead by Brigham Young, arrived in the Salt Lake Valley and immediately started to build the city. It was not a simple journey, nor was it a fertile land. There were also political and religious issues that further isolated this group of pioneers from the rest of our nation. The symbol of the hardworking bees, ever industrious, building the bee hive under harsh conditions seemed appropriate to these founding families and the concept stuck, like honey!