Next: The Oregon Trail!

Time for another road trip! This time we’ll be spending time in the mountains. The kids are ready and we’ve got a beautiful GMC Arcadia from Hertz. Yeah, that’s a bit bigger than the cars we’ve been using but sometimes you need extra space for gear. Oh and 4-wheel drive is handy, too.

Here’s the layout of our trip. It will take us four days to drive out to Deadwood, South Dakota, where we’ll be staying in a vacation rental for a few days. Then off to Big Sky, Montana. It’s too early for skiing, but the town is fabulous.

After that we have a long drive to Oregon. We’ll be spending a little more than a week visiting Holiday Inn Resorts. They have two in the state, The Lodge at Eagle Crest, a Holiday Inn Resort Redmond and The Lodge at Running Y Ranch, a Holiday Inn Resort in Klamath Falls.

Heading back east, we’ll make stops in Nevada as well as Utah and Colorado. Our last stop is in Branson. By then we should be ready to be home.

I know you’re wondering what we’re going to do about school. Florida has been in the classroom since August 13th but our virtual school is on a Northeast schedule. We used the time to get a little ahead in our lessons so we have some wiggle room, should we want to explore an area a little more deeply. Also the time zone change driving toward the West is in our favor. The kids will be getting up earlier and we’ll start school at first light.

Let us know of your favorite places along this route. We make frequent stops along the way and would love your suggestions of side trips at any of our destinations.