@ Wilmington, N.C.

We’re @: Wilmington, N.C.

What’s here: The USS North Carolina World War II battleship, the Cape Fear Museum, the Wilmington Railroad Museum and beautiful historic homes.

Worth the climb: If you go to the battleship, remember that there are many decks – and most of them are open for you to see. Don’t miss climbing into the gun turrets, climbing to the bridge and exploring the belly in the engine room. I wouldn’t mind the Captain’s quarters but the petty officer’s bunks were too small!

We’ll never forget: Aren and Iden earned honorary model train engineer certificates after taking the Train Challenge at the Wilmington Train Museum. The museum earned a Guinness World Record for longest model train.

Would have been fun: There is a river tour on the Henrietta III and a horse-drawn carriage tour through the neighborhood. We just ran out of time!

On every screen: Wilmington has been the filming site for many movies and television shows such as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, A Walk to Remember, and One Tree Hill. EUE Screen Gems Studios, the largest domestic television and movie production facility outside of California, is based here. Its “Dream Stage 10,” a sound stage, is the third-largest in the US. It houses the largest special-effects water tank in North America.

Did you know: Wilmington has been home to Woodrow Wilson, Michael Jordan, Sugar Ray Leonard and Andy Griffith.