How to get that junk inside your trunk

There’s a song Will Ferrel sings in the film Blades of Glory about all that junk inside that trunk. The original was a hit for the Black-eyed Peas and it’s one I like to hum while packing our luggage in the car.

Why? It has a nice groove. It helps me with my packing rhythm. And it helps me tune out the inevitable audience.

Last trip, no one could believe how much I fit into the trunk of our Hertz rental. Or that our family of five would travel in “such a small car,” other peoples’ words not ours.

How much space do we need? If we had too much extra room we’d just fill it with more junk. In a sedan we save on gas, too. On our last trip the green diesel VW Jetta went more than 40 miles per gallon.

And really, watching us pack shouldn’t be a spectacle, like the fifteen clowns climbing out of the tiny car at the circus. Maybe it’s what we’re packing that causes a crowd to gather to see how it will all fit.

My favorite was the startled look of Justin, the valet when we checked in at the Holiday Inn Resort at St. George. We kept passing out bags, coolers, our conga drum (the kids are taking drum lessons via Skype). Above is a picture of our carts at our last stop, the Holiday Inn Resort in Daytona Beach.

So how do we do it?

It starts with the luggage. We are limited by the space in our luggage so we pack using the military folds I learned at boot camp. The boys have carry-on rolling duffels by Atlantic Luggage, which leaves room for their schoolbags on top.

Erysse has a spinner roller bag, also by Atlantic Luggage, in her favorite color – magenta. And it fits across the back of the trunk with the boys’ bags and computer bags. That leaves the rest of the trunk for our portable office, camera equipment, vacation rental necessities and cooler.

I forgot to mention the parents’ bags! Chris has a Travelpro roller bag that has a computer pouch and I use the Atlantic over the shoulder carry on, which fits perfectly with my LowePro waterproof camera bag in the trunk.

Need a visual? Here’s what the trunk looks like just before we leave.

I can’t be the only one who packs a mean trunk. What’s the most you’ve packed for a trip? Do you have the pictures to prove it?