At the Holiday Inn Resort Daytona Beach Oceanfront

Honestly, we were never really into Daytona Beach. Until now.

Our kids are too young for spring break (and besides, Daytona is distancing itself as a place where college kids go to party). And the parents aren’t fans of NASCAR racing or laying on the beach.

The Holiday Inn Resort Daytona Beach Oceanfront just might make us rethink our opinion.

It’s our second of 13 Holiday Inn Resort properties we’re visiting this year. As a reminder, the “resort” designation is given to Holiday Inn hotels near a popular tourist attraction. It must have special amenities like a concierge, live entertainment and kids’ programs.

At a large hotel, it’s easy to feel like a number, but this Holiday Inn Resort does its best to make sure that doesn’t happen to guests. Its programs are the key to making a connection with guests. The kids played Bingo — Erysse even won! — and did face-painting as part of the kids’ program. They practically lived in the pool, where they made friends with other kids their age. By the time our three-day stay was over, everyone knew them by name, and they felt right at home.

Our room came with a full kitchen, which was helpful with meal preparation and kept us from having to eat every meal in a restaurant. Wireless Internet access, another must-have for this wired family, came included in the price of the room.

This is one of the quietest times ┬áto be in Daytona Beach, which is just fine by us. The beaches are uncrowded. A1A, the main thoroughfare, gets only a little more traffic than our driveway. The weather is reasonably good, if not a little warm. (Then again, it’s warm everywhere.)

We always recommend that people visit a resort like Daytona Beach during the off-season, because rates are lower and there are no crowds. But we also have some year-round reasons to go. We love taking the kids over to Angel & Phelps to tour the chocolate factory. You can also catch a minor league ballgame at the Daytona Beach Cubs’ stadium, a short walk away. And, if you’ve never toured the Daytona 500 Speedway, you absolutely have to. Even if you’re not a racing fan.

Since we only live 45 minutes away, we’re hoping to come back again soon. The boys want to learn how to surf, now that they’ve spent some time on the beach. Dad is thinking surf camp, and he’d like to come along.