What’s Appening reviews Pocket God

This is a new feature written by Aren Elliott to share information about favorite apps we use on the road.

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Today we’re talking about the app Pocket God by Bolt Creative.

Pocket God is an interactive game, where the player is a god who rules over an island and controls everything. The player uses divine powers over the island natives, called Pygmies, to perform tasks and earn idols.

The object of the game is to collect those idols and level them up so your god can beat other gods in the Battle of the Gods.

I like that you can control almost every thing. For example, I can make the Pygmy’s turn into zombies, ghosts and vampires or strike them with lightening or catch them in a tornado.

It’s also great that they constantly create new episodes as updates so you never get bored. My favorite episode is Two and a Half Pygmies because I like Charlie, the guest Pygmy.

I’m not a fan of in-app purchases so I’m disappointed that Pocket God sells extras, like the Superbowl Island and Dance packs with no way to earn them through game play. I can’t be the only player with a limited allowance.

But that doesn’t keep me from downloading updates, and playing through the new episodes as they post. Overall I think the game is awesome!

Pocket God is available for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Facebook.