Papers, please – What documents to pack?

If you’re traveling to Europe, you know you’ll need a passport. And if you’re flying or taking the train to visit family you know you’ll need a ticket. But what documents do you need when driving across the country?

I don’t think it’s something people think about before their big family road trip. As a matter of fact, until we took an impromptu road trip from Florida to Canada last summer I didn’t think we’d ever need more than our drivers licenses as long as we stayed in the country.

But things have changed. When we travel we have the standard IDs, car registration, insurance cards, passports and birth certificates for the kids. I also keep digital back-ups online.

Why the passports? Because Canada isn’t very far and neither is Mexico. And if you spend time with us you’ll realize that we require very little planning if the opportunity to visit another country exists.

So I’m wondering if I’ve forgotten anything? How do you handle the paperwork when you travel? With so much information available online, how much do you need to bring?