What’s Appening reviews Battle Bears Royale

This is a new feature written by Aren Elliott to share information about favorite apps we use on the road.

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This week we’re reviewing the game Battle Bears Royale by SkyVu Pictures.

Battle bears is a funny action shooter. You can fight with up to eight players over cellular or WiFi networks and earn the title “Best Battle Bear” of you friends. You have a choice of six characters with unique weapons: Chub Scout, Demolition, Heavy, Huggable, Snyper, and Soldier.

In this game you have to kill other bears with weapons, a be careful not to hurt yourself.

I like the fact that there are lots of weapons to choose from and they can do many things. I also like the way the bears move and act on the screen. They do some crazy and funny things. For example, the character Wil sometimes says “I’m only here to kick butt and chew bubble gum, and I’ve got plenty of bubble gum.”

I wish I didn’t have to purchase gascans in order to get the weapons I like. I play the game a lot and it takes too long to earn them through game play.

Overall I really enjoy playing this game. I especially like playing against my brother. I always win!