November through Aren’s eyes

Finally, I am getting a chance to post to the site. It’s been a while.

Don’t think I haven’t been working, it’s just my parents are pretty picky about what we post. And I am still learning how to write.

And sometimes I don’t know what I want to write about.

I like science. A lot. More than anybody I know. And I like to talk about exoplanets, other universes and planetary shift. And no this isn’t part of my home school program. I am only in fourth grade.

I also like to take pictures. Now that I have my own iPhone I can take pictures and share them with my family immediately. That’s pretty fast.

My mom asked me to think about what I wanted to put up on the site this month and I decided to share some pictures taken on my iPhone.

Our Cats

We have three cats and they get into all kinds of trouble. Above is Lia. I don’t know how she gets on top of the roof, but she gets down in one jump. Below is Clio. She likes to eat.

The cats aren’t supposed to be outside. But they found a small tear in the screen porch and made it bigger.

Our Travel

We visited a few places in November. I always like going to Mt. Dora because it is close to our home. We haven’t taken the seaplane yet, maybe next time.

When we were in Palm Coast I took many walks along the beach. I took this picture of some things you can find at low tide.

We just came back from Kissimmee. I really like to take pictures of nature. We stopped at the Lakefront Park and I liked the way the tree looked with the sun behind. I also found a black bird that posed for me.

Our Home

It is nice to be home, but I can’t wait to visit out next spot.

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