Happy Thanksgiving!

I was a little intimidated with the idea of having Thanksgiving dinner – a real Thanksgiving dinner – in our vacation rental.

I wanted to be sure we kept the tradition of giving thanks in that serious and reverent way you see on TV. But also I was afraid I’d end up spending the entire day worrying that the kids would get into something they shouldn’t while I was busy baking in the kitchen.

I should have known better.

Chris suggested we check out what the nearby shops had to offer. Last year we went to Dickey’s Barbecue and picked up a Cajun turkey, but that was much too big. We had leftovers for a week.

We only have a few more days in our vacation rental, so I needed something downsized.

It came down to Publix or Whole Foods. I liked the smaller precooked rosemary and lavender turkey and petite casseroles at the organic market.

It was still a bountiful feast with mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, salads and turkey which took about an hour to prepare so we could spend more time with the kids in the pool, playing games and watching football.

Here’s wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving!