Exploring the familiar at the Orlando Science Center

As you may know we’re staying close to home this week. It took only 45 minutes for us to drive down I-4 and into our splendid vacation rental driveway on the Hollywood Studios side of Disney.  

And what did we do? We went to the Orlando Science Center.

It was a promise to Aren, our resident scientist in making.  And considering that we’re planning Saturday morning in the swamp with Boggy Creek Airboat Rides we could use the refresher on our ecosystem and how to identify members of a food web.

Orlando Science Center

Aren planned the whole day for us, starting with lunch at my favorite salad spot, Eden’s.  He even looked up the stingray and alligator feeding schedules and picked a movie, Arabia, for us to watch in the Dr. Phillips CineDome.

We spent the most time in the NatureWorks area learning about Florida habitats as well as native and non-native species. But we had the most fun in the Science Park.

There aren’t a lot of changes to the Science Park from year to year. Maybe that’s why it seems so comfortable? The kids have no problem getting into the thick of things, testing gravity, bending light and creating sound waves. By the way, creating sound waves is code for being noisy.

Our last stop was in the Our Planet, Our Universe discovery area. It takes 30 seconds for the hurricane booth to create winds of 78 miles per hour. After this summer’s close call with Hurricane Irene we prefer our hurricane force winds in the can.