Vacation rental coffee conundrum

Help me. Seriously, I need your help. I am a coffee snob. Ask anyone who knows me — really knows me — and they will tell you.

I have a Jura Capresso ENA4 coffee maker that grinds and presses the fresh espresso beans from Starbucks every morning. We pick up a new bag of coffee beans weekly. They know us at the Saturday morning drive-through window. By name.

It is so much a part of who I am, that for my birthday my friends presented me with a Keurig coffee maker complete with my favorite coffee in capsules.

They said I would need it now that I will be traveling with my kids, living vacation rental to vacation rental. Family travel requires quality coffee.

And though I enjoyed it throughout the summer while at home, it is just too big for cross-country family travel unless we leave a piece of luggage home.


But that’s okay. Most every hotel and vacation rental we’ve lived in has at least a four-cup coffee maker. The traditional pots have been traded out for the Keurig single-serving of coffee at the more prominent chain hotels. What an improvement.

On one recent visit to Vail I experienced the espresso version of the Keurig, the Nespresso Essenza Espresso Maker. And it used Illy brand espresso. Yum.

I want this machine. The coffee was wonderful. Plus, this coffee maker is the perfect size to fit in the trunk of our sedan between the lovely Atlantic luggage set and our old Canon camera.

But that purchase will have to wait.

Instead, we’ve been supporting Starbucks. On a tip from our barista, dressed as a kitten for Halloween, we bought a bag of Organic Mexican Grown blend coffee. It’s no espresso, but it brewed well in the coffee maker at our vacation rental.

And that’s how we’ll keep doing it until we can find that elusive cup of espresso in our vacation rental.

Before we bought the fancy espresso machines, we had the Capresso 10-cup coffee maker and purchased Jacobs Melange, an Austrian blend, from an importer in Illinois.

I think you’re beginning to understand our obsession.