The week ahead: Winter Springs – Oviedo

When family travel meets the road trip, there is a bit of a learning curve. Fortunately for us we have our readers to help chime in when we get into trouble.

Thank you for that.

And you can relax as this is our week home. Yes, in our actual home. No vacation rental this week.

Time to recharge our batteries, catch up on mail and reflect on our travel. It isn’t easy leaving our beautifully appointed vacation rental in Palm Coast knowing we’re back in what we lovingly refer to as “the rat maze.”

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But it must be done. After all, family travel isn’t a vacation from paying your bills. And though it is no vacation rental, this is our home.

There’re also some special dates this week that we like to celebrate.

Veterans day is an important holiday for us, since I served in the Navy and we know so many military families. This will be my third year performing with the Orlando Concert Band at the Winter Park Racquet Club’s Veterans Dinner. I gladly take a break from our road trip to be a part of this event. Hoo-rah!

But even bigger than that, we’ll be celebrating Erysse’s fifth birthday – where did the time go? She’s been asking for her friends and we plan to see a few before the week is out. Better tobe home than distant vacation rental for this one. Happy birthday, baby.

At the top of our to-do list is getting the flu shot. Family travel and exposure to the ickies go hand in hand. Literally. On any road trip getting sick is a serious concern. That is why we always wash our hands and get our annual flu shot!

By the way, my Full Sail program is complete. I have my certificate in Education Media Design and Technology. Whew! That was hard balancing all that work and the family travel. Now that we have a week off from the road trip and no more online sessions we can sit back and enjoy some sessions for fun. Garage Band, Final Cut and Illustrator are on my list.

Speaking of technology, we’ve begun using a little application called Asana to track our time and make sure nothing gets overlooked. We really like it so far, and best of all, it’s free.

Next week we’re back on wit our road trip to the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area. Can’t wait to see what our vacation rental looks like. Chris may be attending a conference for part of our stay. It will be interesting to see how the meeting will affect our family travel.