How to live out of a duffel bag on vacation

No matter where you go on vacation, one thing is constant: you’re living out of your luggage.

Because we tend to stay in one place for a few days, I like to unpack my bag. Chris keeps his things organized in his luggage.

But the kids – ah the kids! – they do their own thing.

The boys are a little bit like the Odd Couple, when it comes to luggage. Boisterous versus reserved. Organized versus anything-goes. Neat versus, well, not neat.

And let’s not forget we named my youngest after the goddess of chaos.

At the beginning of our trip we consulted with our friend Scott at Travelpro to get the best luggage for the kids. He was able to suggest a few that would fit any budget and any vacation, and best of all, they decided to sponsor us.

For the boys we picked two light-weight rolling duffel bags, a 22’ Atlantic Graphite Lite 3 piece of luggage and 22’ Atlantic Ultra LITE rolling duffel bag. Upon opening it was determined that Erysse fits neatly in each bag. Her brothers tried.

I took some time to show Aren some tips on how to organize his luggage so he can find what he needs when he needs it. Each bag has pockets inside and out that give you a place to hide valuables, stow shoes and stash underclothes so you can get to them in seconds. I left Iden to his own devices.

The result can be seen in this video. It was filmed during our stay at Palm Coast, Florida. To be honest the home we were staying in is a vacation palace and I made the boys stay together in this room because it was the most like home.

Erysse has a cute Compass 2 Expandable Spinner in a very pink looking cranberry. I liked this luggage because it can grow. One zip gives you an extra two and a half inches. Very handy since we sometimes share a bag.

On this trip Erysse was playing out the Princess and the Pea, dragging her bag from room to room each night claiming problems with the bed. Camelot on Cinnamon Beach is a vacation rental that sleeps 20 with more than six bedrooms. There were plenty to try.

She finally settled on a California King with a really big TV screen.