A new way to chronicle our adventure

One of the hardest things to do when you’re away is to find the time to share your experiences.

It’s one thing to check in with your parents by phone or email or put together a report for school, but what they really want and is so much more than words and pictures.

They want to be there.

EveryTrail is an app that lets you track your adventure on a map using your phone’s geo-tagging capability and also add pictures and video you take along the way.

As the name implies, it is an application that is used by hikers and outdoorsmen to track their favorite trails. We learned about it from our guide, Shawn Duytschaver with Native Rentals in Anna Maria Island, Fla.

Check out our first try with the app. We were on a self-guided kayak tour with the kids in Robinson Preserve.

At the end of the adventure you can add a summary of the trip and edit your images. But pretty much, when you’re finished for the day, you have a virtual scrapbook complete with map to share immediately with everybody you know.

What we really loved about this app is its many applications. You don’t have to be out on expedition to find it useful. It is a great way to collect images of an event that follows a sequence, like a wedding, or an outing that stretches over a period of time and space, like a pub crawl or city tour.

Check out our walk tour of the beach. We started at our vacation rental from Anna Maria Gulf Coast Rentals, which sat a few house lengths from the shore. It was the end of a peaceful day spent at the house finishing up some art lessons. Unfortunately we took some longer video of the kids talking about the beach that couldn’t be loaded and was lost. But now we know.

Cool stuff
• Automatically places photos on map
• Geotags images and videos
• Easy upload
• In the phone

Not cool
• Some photos couldn’t be edited
• Not all videos were posted
• Limited options

Helpful tips
• Take lots of pictures and remove the ones you don’t want later. Better to have too many than too few.
• Use video to get ambient sound, especially if you are in a spot with its own soundtrack like the beach, waterfall or wedding.