All the pieces come together for Legoland Florida

If you can gauge the success of a theme park by how many times your kids say “Best day ever!” or “I want to go on that ride again” then Legoland Florida will be a solid success.

And we really hope that’s true.

Legoland has all the building blocks of a successful theme park: the Lego brand, highly interactive attractions and a cast of patient and friendly ride operators and park guides scattered throughout the grounds.

And the historic Cypress Gardens. And water ski shows!

But is that enough to get Florida residents and vacationers to drive to the remote and undeveloped heart of Central Florida, about 45 minutes away from all the other major attractions, for a day with the bricks?


In its heyday, Cypress Gardens was just off a major traffic route and offered patrons a truly unique experience. Its water ski shows were unparalleled and the botanical was filled with weird, quirky and traditional topiaries that changed with the seasons.

Local residents and visitors alike were drawn to this creative oasis filled with natural beauty returning frequently to see the changes unfold. And Legoland will need repeat visitors to keep their park filled throughout the season.

So, will people come back?

That depends. Currently there are a few attractions still in development. Some are tributes to the former Central Florida showcase, like the butterfly greenhouse that can be seen from the restored Island in the Sky. I’d like to see them when they open.

There are also the subtle jokes hidden throughout the park that are bound to change and be moved. For example, in the pirate-themed Miniland you will see pirate bowling, behind NYC there is a couple in a heated embrace and somewhere at Kennedy Space Center we hear there is a space alien.

Still, the best part of the park comes in the quiet cool of Cypress Gardens and its still elegant if not as whimsical grounds. Perhaps we’ll soon see a few more Legos lurking in the old banyan tree or near the iconic domed wedding gazebo.

Now that would be a good reason to come back.