The Road to Richmond, Virginia

The first leg of any trip has the potential to make or break the rest. Take too long to get to your destination you may get restless and irritable along the way. We could rush it, but traveling non-stop may require addition days of recovery time.

That’s what you told us, and we listened.

Among the sound advice for our last test drive before our year of carpet bagging, you suggested we include stops every few hours to stretch. We looked into rest stops along the way so just about every 3 hours we’ll reach and bend for a few minutes. Might use the rest room too!

A drive through the night brought up a brief debate. Last year we left for DC after I finished a Big Band gig. I always have extra energy after performing so I was ready to drive for a few hours. I should also admit that I am a night owl. Plus, technically I am still a college student. I am working on a Master’s Certificate at Full Sail University. All-nighter? No-brainer.

Plus Chris is an early morning kind of guy. He’s usually up by 4:30 to catch an hour of work before the kids wake.

To make a long story short, we arrived in DC after a stress-free, traffic free drive the following morning. The kids slept for the most part. I managed a few winks as well. We made it to the National Arboretum for an easy day of exploring, stretching our legs before checking into our hotel.

View Richmond VA in a larger map

We’re going to try that again, leaving after dinner but driving closer, to Richmond Virginia.

I know we said we’d go straight to NY, but after all the discussion online and via email we realized you were right. Twenty plus hours is too long for one leg. Especially with our kids. They need to run.

Check out this map of what we’ll be doing in Richmond. We hope to also see the headquarters of our friends at Access America on Thursday before we drive the last eight hours to Andes, NY.

Let us know your favorite spot in Richmond. We’ve already gotten quite a few suggestions, but just don’t have the time right now. We’re putting the list together for later.