And now, our sponsors — and our itinerary!

We’re thrilled to welcome the first three sponsors of Away is Home: Access America, Florida Vacation Auction and the Vacation Rental Managers Association.
It’s a great fit. Here’s why:

Access America will be the exclusive travel insurance provider for the next year. Hopefully, we won’t have to file any insurance claims, but if we do, we’ll have a chance to report on it. Access has sponsored my consumer advocacy blog in the past, and we are producing an ebook together, which will be published later this year. Here’s more on Access America.

Florida Vacation Auction is supporting the first leg of our trip through the Sunshine State. We’ll be covering the first month on this site and also writing a “Visit Florida” series for my site. As Floridians ourselves, we can’t think of a better place to start our trip. We also think Florida is a great place to visit, and hope you will check out some of the places that we are seeing. Here are details on Florida Vacation Auction.

The Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA) will be sponsoring our accommodations for the next year. VRMA is a nonprofit professional trade association for the vacation rental management industry, and since we will be covering the value of vacation rentals, we can’t think of a better organization with which to team up. Here are a few details about VRMA.

So where are we going? Here’s a tentative itinerary.

Florida (October)
We’ll be on the road for at least two weeks, focusing on South Florida and Northeast Florida. Since we’ve already covered the central part of the Sunshine State extensively (um, we live here) we’ll be taking a series of shorter trips. The first month will be sponsored by Florida Vacation Auction, which has an extensive list of properties in Florida.

Texas (November)
We’re planning to hit some of the major Texas cities for three weeks, including Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. We have family in the Lone Star State that we haven’t seen in a while, and hope to connect with them while we’re there. Otherwise, the schedule is wide open.

New Mexico (December)
We’ll end the year in New Mexico. We are planning to be based in Santa Fe, but we’ll be on the move a lot. Ski season will have just started, and we will also check out the Spaceport and Roswell, and hope to send the kids up in a balloon.

That’s as far as we’ve gotten. We can’t make a trip like this on our own, of course. We need the support of readers like you, who will tell us where to go while we’re on the road. And we’re very grateful for the corporate sponsorships, because they help make a project like this economically possible.

If you’re interested in also becoming a sponsor, please send us an email.

(Photo: Capt. Kimo/Flickr Creative Commons)