The view from the end of our cruise

Indulge us, if you will. We’d like to take a mix-match approach to sharing our experiences with the Nickelodeon All-Access Cruise.

Why? Because we can share the most memorable moments of the excursion first. Like the incredible Spanish island of Mallorca.

This was our last port of call before returning to Barcelona, and many say it was the best part of the cruise. This is no doubt because of the dramatic landscapes, beautiful beaches and incredible history of the island.

We took a simple excursion that started on a bus tour through Palma cutting across the island to the northern tip with the Cap de Formentor (see video) weaving and wagging some nail bite inducing hairpin turns. After a brief stop at a private beach we took to the water at the Port of Polenca and ended up in Alcudia for lunch.

As you can see in the clip, the Cap de Formentor was the most memorable part of this trip, and we are grateful to have seen these stark cliffs known by locals as “Where the Winds Meet.”

It has been a week since we’ve returned from our cruise and we apologize for holding back. As we develop this site we are trying out some online tools, like Google Maps, You Tube, Viddler and Gogobot as well as learning some artistic programs like GarageBand, Flash and Illustrator using

But that’s no excuse for delaying the posts, especially since we have another expedition, this time a true road trip, in just a few weeks.

Coming soon: Music inspired by our NCL Cruise as realized by Aren Elliott, a Food Fight on the NCL Epic and the solemn grounds of Pompeii.