Using Google maps for your next adventure

You sent so many emails and comments about your experiences in Spain and Italy that we decided to open up our My Places Google map to you!

Take a look at what Aren and I have added so far.

View Spain Trip in a larger map

As you can see we’ve placed markers for each of our ports of call and where we’ll be starting off in Florida. We’re using the map to find articles on Wikipedia about each spot we visit as well as to view pictures and video of the area.

We’ve already learned so much.

While we’re traveling we’ll fill in these markers with stories, descriptions, pictures and video from our trip. But we’re also interested in your impressions, stories, favorite hangouts, pictures and video from your travels in this area.

So, won’t you click here to join us in filling out the map? If you’re not sure how, here’s a link to a slightly dated tutorial. We can learn so much when we compare experiences and give an area new perspective.

If you have trouble or just want to share online or have links to your own articles, do not hesitate to add them in the comments below, leave comments on the map page or shoot off an email to me.