How to stay healthy on a cruise

We’re half way through the summer and I am still trying to slim down for our big cruise in a few weeks. No I mean I really am trying to slim down. I am working with Dr. William Jones at Geneti-Health again. He helped me lose about 50 pounds a few years back, and I am looking to drop the 15-20 I have put back on.

But we’re going on a cruise. A Mediterranean cruise. With Nickelodeon. And I am worried the 10 pounds I’ve already lost will be for naught.

I am so close to my goal darn it.

So I am putting together a plan with my friends who cruise, Dr. Jones and my family to see if we can not only maintain our weight, but maybe I can lose a few more pounds during our excursion.

Wish me luck?

Why not join me? I believe this plan can be used any time you travel, especially when you cannot prepare your own food.

And food will be our first strategic category, healthy habits in another column followed by a special segment on jetlag and seasickness. Yes, I do get seasick in a bathtub despite my Navy training and years teaching SCUBA.

If you have any suggestions along the way, leave a comment to start the discussion or email me directly.