A grand family adventure along a timeless canyon rim


If you've ever been to the Grand Canyon, or have wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, then you probably already know that it's the very definition of grand. And that may be an understatement. As you stand on the edge South Rim, every superlative comes to mind. None is adequate. While you're marveling at America's signature ...read more »

This Arizona “castle” is a beautiful and well-preserved mistake


When it comes to national monuments, Montezuma's Castle near the town of Camp Verde, Arizona, is one of my favorite mistakes. The riverside cliff dwelling is believed to be made and once inhabited by the Sinagua people, a pre-Columbian culture closely related to the Hohokam and other indigenous peoples of the southwestern United States, between approximately ...read more »

Experiencing Tomorrowland today


Grizzled theme park veterans like us never go to Tomorrowland at Disney's Magic Kingdom. Instead, we turn left after beelining it down Main Street USA, straight to Frontierland, avoiding the throngs of guests who instinctively turn right toward the spires of the Astro Orbiter and the iconic Space Mountain. Yes, we are those Magic Kingdom veterans. ...read more »

Old and new traditions meet in Breckenridge


A real family tradition doesn't have to be explained. Kind of like when you pull off Interstate 70 at Frisco, Colo., in the middle of an early spring blizzard, and you don't have to ask where you're headed. You just know. So there we were, on a recent trip to one of the Centennial State's most famous ...read more »

How to get your ski legs back without having a meltdown

Keystone Warning Sign

Look at this photo. How does it make you feel? I'm scared to death. My heart is pounding even as I write these words. I can almost feel an icy wind whipping across my face and my kids at the bottom of the run, chanting, "C'mon, Mom! Move it!" I know how to ski. I'm a good ...read more »

Herbal adventures in Boulder, Colorado (with kids)

BC Dushanbe 2 side

Mention the words "herb" and "Colorado" and the next thing that comes to mind probably isn't "with kids." But stay with us for a minute. That's all it'll take. Colorado's Amendment 64 brought a lot of attention to one of the oldest traditions in the Rockies: using weeds with certain "medicinal" qualities. But in a place like ...read more »

Denver’s Union Station – the little terminal that does it all

Union Station Bright

Denver's newest attraction is an old landmark: the lovingly restored Union Station. But it's more than an historic terminal. Sure, you can still catch an Amtrak train from here to California. And yes, it'll be the final stop of RTD's highly-anticipated SkyRide line to Denver International Airport next year. But this terminal strives to be much ...read more »

Authentic DC food? Mais oui!

Casa Luca Carta Fata

When you think of Washington, what kind of food comes to mind? Crab cakes? Hot dogs? Chili? If you said, "none of the above,” you know our dilemma. You’re in the nation’s capital and you want an authentic dining experience. But what is Washingtonian cuisine? Truth is, America's capital, like our country, is a melting ...read more »

Why does Florida rule? Tallahassee’s historic capitol has the answer

Relocation of native americans

You don't have to visit the State Capitol in Tallahassee to be reminded of all the reasons you love Florida. But it helps. Great weather? Check. The hottest tourist destinations? Roger that. More than 500 years of continuous civilization? Florida's got it, too. But a visit to the Florida Historic Capitol Museum in Tallahassee, which once served ...read more »